Saturday, March 07, 2009

Last night I raced home from work to get a run in because it was still daylight and the weather was perfect. This morning how could I pass it up another gorgeous day. I went out late morning, I just wanted to be out. I am doing the 25k tomorrow but that have never stopped me before!! both last night and today I put shorts on and a sleeved shirt. Today I did not need the sleeve shirt it was almost 60F.

I'm always told you should rest before a race but when I run the day before a race I think my body knows what to do. I don't push myself and you may wonder what the heck I'm out there if I'm only crawling but I think its a mental think with me. Anyway my body don't allow me to race before a race.

With that said if you haven't been out yet, get out there and run!! its beautiful. Who knows what tomorrow have in store.

God bless and have a great day.


rundangerously said...

me too :D carpe diem!

went out yesterday and today (warm/cloudy friday and sunny today)...

have no idea how the 25k will turn out (and rob said there's a chance of rain)!

plus, have to wish don happy b-day :D

see you tommorrow!

rundangerously said...
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Christie said...

I hope you had a great race today.