Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today I paid for what I did on Sunday going to the gym after the half. I could barely move out there but some days are just like that. I would gladly do it again. Tonight I felt ok and I did the XC predicted time 3 miler. We had to predict what our finish time will be. No watch is worn during the race, there is a clock at half time which gives you a good idea of how fast or slow you are going. You are placed base on how close you come within your predicted time. So yes, I can say it, this is the only race that I could possible place in front of many of the faster runners!! We had a great time, the temperature was close to being chilly and to tell you something else this seemed be just what the doctor called for because I felt a lot better after the race than I did this morning and before the race. I wasn't stiff anymore, I almost felt like going to the Y :).

My week is going well and I hope everyone is having a great week

Tuesday: 4.5mil AM: 3.0 miles PM (predicted time XC)
Monday: 5.48mi Am: 6.02mi pm( just could not pass up the evening)
Sunday: 13.1mi(Fairfield Half) gym time 40mins elliptical/heavy lifting


bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

Glad to see you are still cranking out those miles.

Dusty said...

Sounds like fun! We have prediction runs around here. I've wanted to do them, but they were in the evenings at the same time as another commitment. I think I'll do one this summer. I hear there are some regulars in the race and the winners are usually only a fraction of a second off their prediction... this is one I won't be expecting to be anywhere near the leaderboard on! How close were you to your time?

Mir said...

Oh man, I have tried those prediction runs before and I am terrible at them! I hope you had fun. I'm glad your week is going well!

Just_because_today said...

Prediction runs sound like fun, I'll bring that thought to my running club. We do a handicap race, where you leave x # of minutes before the faster runners so that you might finish before them. That would be my only chance I winning a race if I could predict my time accurately. Sounds like you are a pretty amazing die hard runner!

robtherunner said...

Wow! 10th overall and only 5 seconds off. Well done!