Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight at my speed training I learned I had won a T shirt for coming close to my predicted time at XC last night. As you can see from results I was 10 overall yea!! I was within 5 secs. We do have another one similar call the handicap race, we start the clock with the slowest runner times. We get to go out before the faster runners. I remember the first few times I did this one the faster runners always caught me!

Had a decent run this morning not allot of miles but it was ok. I know I've said this before but I'm truly not a morning person any more and I'm hating that right now. Or maybe I just need to get to bed earlier.

Wednesday: 5.02mi Am 5.42mi pm includes 8X400
Tuesday: 4.5mi AM: 3.0 miles PM (predicted time XC)
Monday: 5.48mi Am: 6.02mi pm( just could not pass up the evening)
Sunday: 13.1mi(Fairfield Half) gym time 40mins elliptical/heavy lifting


rundangerously said...

congratulations dawn! winning a tee shirt at waveny is not easy!! woo hoo!!

Bob Gentile said...

Awesome Dawn!!!! Congrats!!!!

Jim said...

You are my hero. Way to go. As I and too many of my comrades are falling to the wayside, you are pounding it out.

Maybe I should nickname you "Animal II" (my neighbor is "Animal").

Keep up the great work!

CTmarathoner said...

congrats, Dawn, on winning a t-shirt!! Yeah!!! Rob Leder won one also --his predicted time was 3rd for the men..good job.