Sunday, June 22, 2008

The thunder storms never came during the race and I finish yet another one. I walk up the hills because I just did not feel like forcing myself up them today. I forgot my watch today and I wasn't even rushing out the house, in fact I stop to get gas, as I drove up to the pump I saw gas gushing out of someones car. They left the pump on while they went into the store. I saw someone who work there and I beep him and pointed frantically to the woman's car. Back to my watch, I was lucky that someone that I've raced with many times had an extra one and loan it to me.

I'm happy I ran yesterday because although it was a shuffle it felt good. I'm glad I ran today because as always this was a challenge. After the race I waited for the bus that took me back to my car. Driving home I felt wonderful, if you ask me way too good after such a challenging race. So I stop off at the Y before going home. Spent some time on the elliptical then tried to run on the treadmill unfortunately, because the shoe that I ran in was soaking wet as well as the sock, I was able to change into the pair I keep in the car that I use for walking during lunch. I had no socks to change into. It just did feel good on the treadmill without socks, so I lifted heavy and came home. I'll leave the race report to Frank and Emmy They are much better at it than I am.

Fairfiled Half 2008-2:10, 2007-2:02, 2006-2:06,2005-2:07, 2004-1:57, 2003-1:55, 2002-1:55


Reese said...

With gas as high as it is, that customer may have had to leave her car to pay for all that she wasted.
You are a machine to run a race, and then go to the Y for a workout.

Bob Gentile said...

may have had to leave her car to pay for all that she wasted

Congrats Dawn !!!! You did Great!!

Phil said...

2:10 isn't exactly a "shuffle". Congrats.

rundangerously said...

great job out there dawn. tough course, tough weather conditions!

we looked for you before and after the race. only caught a glimpse of kate finishing and didn't see don at all!

see you next weekend at the 5 miler?

ReneeMc said...

Wait, did you say you ran a half and then went to the Y? Honestly? That's slightly intimidating.

Well done, another one under the belt!

Neese said...

that's a LOT of wasted money on that gas! :-o Nice job 2:10!

CTmarathoner said...

nice job Dawn --now you you ran the smart race, having felt good enough to go to the Y after --yeah!!! Love it!!! It was not the day to push it, and so good to combine indoor and outdoors.
I am going back to the gym this week --the 100 percent humidity just sucks the energy out of me:( -need that air-con...see you sat, hopefully.

Just_because_today said... outdid me. I have never made it to the gym after a race...
Must have felt great!

Morrissey said...

dawn you are insane...hitting a treadmill after running a half marathon! :) you rock!

BewareSquirrels said...

The Fairfield Half was TOUGH...hilly and humid! I saw at least one person being carried off on a stretcher at the end. Congrats, Dawn, on your time, and on managing to drag yourself to the Y afterward!

Chris K.

Sunshine said...

Wow! What day for you!
Congratulations on the race.. and the keeping on working out.

Dusty said...

I wouldn't want to lose a drop of that gold.. I mean, gas! haha!

Congrats! You are the energizer bunny with that time on a challeging course, then the Y. WOW, great job!

I don't know how you were even able to move the next day... I'd be stuck in bed for a week after that!