Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time to get a new computer. The Hard Drive is crashing, Dell told us, of course they would, we now only have 4 dells and this is the first one to go, they told us we should back up our hard drive. I guess after 5 years with no issues it was bound to go it just seem so sudden.

I'm not sure what happen between Sunday and today but I am feeling better about the weight, seems like things are going in the right direction, down. There I go I just jinks myself.

I ran again on Wednesday morning 5 miles went to the gym and did some heavy lifting. Did not run in pm because I came home from work late and obsess about the computer and spent time on the phone with a Dell technician.

This morning I almost didn't run because once again I tried to get on the computer. After I dropped my son off to school. I use the time I usually take to go to the gym and ran 3 miles. Man was it a great morning.

I knew of the corporate challenge today because I received a phone call a few days ago from the boys and girls club of Stamford. They are the ones that will receive the proceeds, each year they get upwards to $100, 000 or more from this race. So I left the office and went to the race. I average 8:34 pace. I will have more on the race, right now I have to order a computer.


Bob Gentile said...

ahhhh the PC woes, I have had my share.... I have Dells also and have had a few crash on me throughout the years...I have been better at backing up my files since I lose a lot in the past :-(

Best wishes on ur new PC or Laptop

Dusty said...

Good luck with the PC!

Glad you are feeling better about things. I liked the pic of you!

Mir said...

Good luck with the computer...I've heard some horror stories about Dell customer service. But getting a new one is always fun. :)

Neese said...

try a Mac computer :)
Best wishes on the weight glad you are feeling better about it.

peter said...

Uh oh. Computer troubles. Go out for a run.