Thursday, May 01, 2008

I was tricked not once but twice this morning, I signed on as usual to check the weather before going out. I was happy to see 54f degrees on that little weather widget, I dressed according to that. When I hit the out doors it was a different story. I was freezing it was about 35 degrees . I was too lazy to head back in and put on a jacket and get my gloves. Took almost 2 miles for me to warm up.

After I got home from the gym I decided to do the dreaded weigh myself thing before I get into the shower. I almost keel over, the scale said I was ten pounds lighter. I wanted to keep that memory at least until I got out of the shower. Yes you guessed it I had to do it, got on the scale again and weigh exactly the same weight I did yesterday.

Not sure what was going on with me this morning, just too many things on my mind I guess or maybe I should go get my eyes checked.


bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

Congrats on the 4:41. I know very well how hard and LONG the marathon is and it is all about perserverence. There is just know easy way to go that far, and you just have to hang in there. Sorry the course wasn't so much to your liking, but I think the logistics of setting up a 26.2 mile course must be really difficult.

Hang in there on the weight loss thing, because that is a struggle for all of us and even runners like you and I.

Best of luck.

Dusty said...

I think it must be the water in your hair!!!

Don't you know, you are supposed to BELIEVE the lower weight, then live in that bliss for a couple weeks with that super positive attitude before you check again. Worst case, it gives you the weight you originally had... well, at least you had a blissful 2 weeks!

rundangerously said...

yikes! weight and weather always do the same tricks on me :D

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Dawn, I see u been busy running another event :-) COngrats!!

Best wishes with ur weight loss, I seem to have leveled out for a bit...but trying to drop 5 more looks like its going to take a lot of cardio to get rid of it (sigh)))

U will lose it but IF you can, try and weigh urself once a week :-) this way u will only get frustrated once a week like I do - LOL

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like your scale needs a good beating. 10 pound difference on the same day? I think it's messing with you.

Just12Finish said...