Friday, December 28, 2007

I've decided its time I update my running miles, haven't done so in awhile and I don't want everyone to think I've totally lost it. I've tried my best to run whenever I could. I hope to get in at least 15 miles on Saturday, not sure what Sunday will bring. I should have already started marathon training because I know I have the More marathon the first weekend of April. I better get my butt going for that. This weekend I will decide on the plan.

12/28/07 : 3.0 5 miles @ 8.08 pace (on treadmill)

12/27/07: 6.01 miles @9.51

12/25/07: 10:04miles @9.43

12/24/07 5.35miles @9:.30

12/23/07: 3.12miles @9:08

12/22/07: 9.01 miles @9.51

12/19/07: 4.02 miles @9:33

12/18/07: 4.20miles @9.32

12/14/07: 6.25miles @8.55 on treadmill

12/13/07: 3.01miles @9:14

12/12/07: 4.01 miles @9:45

So I haven't been goofing off all that much all though I feel like I have. I really need to get cracking with the marathon training. Last race I did was a 5k on December 1st. I haven't race since. My race season start January 1st, the 5k resolution run. Today I felt great on the thread nice and strong. I guess its because I only did three miles. :0)


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Pretty impressive "slacking", Girlie! :D

You have a great base for the marathon training. I think you are going to be just fine!!

Happy 2008!!

Neese said...

damn girl you are doing excellent!

Christie said...

Wow. You are just a running machine. I have a feeling that you would run a marathon every weekend if you could :)

bill carter said...

Very very nice splits! I agree with Nancy because if what you do is slacking than we should all be slackers! You work really hard it is making you a stronger, faster runner.
Good luck in your 5k!

Dusty said...

Nice job keeping it moving. I think the break from races gives you some good down time. I look forward to seeing how you start off '08!

Phil said...

You continue to impress me Dawn. Perhaps in 2008, you'll realize that your destiny is the ultra. Complete at least one ultra in 2008 and I'm sure you'll have your sights set on a 50 Miler in 2009.

You're an amazing woman.

Diamond said...

Dawn you are such an inspiration...I can learn a lot from you being a new runner.

Happy New Year!

Love2Run said...

Nice string of runs to finish off the year Dawn! All the best in 2008! You're gonna set new PR's I'm sure ;-)

Jank said...

Hope the new year resolution run went well! 2008 is going to be a good year.