Sunday, August 12, 2007

Races & Round UP!!

On Saturday I did the 30th Norwalk Summer Series 11 miler wasn't my best time for the race but it sure was a gorgeous day for running. This course is very hilly. I wished I'd done better but I'm happy with it, I did better than last year by about 3 minutes . Previous years I've done between 1:41 and 1:43 my best time for the course was 1:37 in 2003.

Later at 7:00pm I did a new 5k The Southwest Cafe Sunset 5K out and back. the out was tough and very hilly the back was a breeze again not my best 5k but after the 11 miler I couldn't be happier. Any way it was a chance for me to win 2 round trip tickets to Mexico!!!

This morning I attempted my long run again it was great. I was going for 18 miler I only complete 16. Lets just say the last 2 miles was big struggle, all my fault of course. Running two races in one day the day before your long run, bad idea. I just hope to get one really good one in before the marathons!!

Week Round UP:

8/6/07 Monday: 8.10 miles ( can't keep saying rest day)
8/7/07 Tuesday: 10.32 miles 8.26 Am 2.2 PM (XC)
8/8/07 Wednesday: 11.61 miles 6.25 AM 5.79 PM , trial w/speed at track
8/9/07 Thursday: 10.02 miles PM (I over slept in AM)
8/10/07 Friday: 4.55 miles
8/11/07 Saturday: 14.21 miles 11.07 race AM 3.14 5k race PM
8/12/07 Sunday: 16.02 miles
Total Miles: 74.83 miles


Anonymous said...

2 races on the same day! wow!

Bob Gentile said...

Couldn't find a race at lunchtime huh?---lolol

Well ur legend of races continues, Great Job!! and ya kinda tough to do a long run the next day after Saturday :-)

Have a great week!

ReneeMc said...

I'm with Bob there. Nice mileage this week, and those races sound great!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow, girlie. 2 races the day before a long run?? Some day I will grow up...

My 11 miles took me way over 2 hours. I would have been in horror trying to do a 5k last night :) (but then again, 11 WAS my long run!)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Bob Gentile said...
Couldn't find a race at lunchtime huh?---lolol
LOL. Damn, Bob, that's funny. :-)

Just another 75 mile week with plenty of speed work in the books, huh? Piece of cake...

Tom said...

You're one of the few people I know training for more than one marathon. Keep up the good work & stay healthy.

robtherunner said...

Saturday was completed in true Dawn style. Great mileage for the week. You will be ready for those marathons.