Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week Review

Did sixteen miles today instead of eighteen. I believe doing the XC age graded 5k and speed work the next day really did me in this week. I was planning on doing this 5k on Friday night but I got tied up at work. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. I then attempted the Westport 4.1 miler, I bomb at that as well just was not in a race mode. Monday I will stay put and make it a true rest day.

7/22-Sunday 16.25 miles
7/21-Saturday 12.0 miles- back on track
7/20-Friday 5.2 miles am barely 12 mins miles :(
7/19-Thursday 5.5miles 2X5 Hills. too stiff after speed
7/18-Wednesday- 15miles-9.27AM 5.73 pm w/ 6X400 & 1X800
7/17-Tuesday- 11miles 8.06 AM 3.1 Xc race pm
7/16-Monday- 5 miles easy (rest/recovery)

Total: 69.95 miles


Neese said...

great mileage! this makes me look forward to building mine up for my half training that starts soon

Bob Gentile said...

Dawn Said: Monday I will stay put and make it a true rest day.
PLEASE due Hun, Rest that MOJO you been training hard :-) and mix that in with ur races and whew ur body is saying "Umm can I get a rest day"-lol

ENJOY ur Day off!!

ReneeMc said...

Dawn, we're going to have to chain you down! You need to rest or you'll reach a point of diminishing returns.

I'm definitely glad to have a friend to run with -- she makes me happy to get up on Saturday AM rather than ambivalent. And whatever her flaws are, she is a much stronger run than me. She finished NYC, her first marathon, in 4:20 a couple years ago!

Dusty said...

Oh - I hope you did the rest day. Your poor body needs it. You need a day off and to spend it at the spa getting massages and pedicures!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I can't imagine how you could possibly get tired. You don't do much mileage and you never race... ;-)

christine said...

am i understanding you correctly? 12 miles on the track, my mind is numb just at the thought.

GB said...

Your mileage astounds me, Dawn! I hope I can make it to 65mpw during my training this fall. You're awesome for getting 70!

Love2Run said...

You're so honest, almost 70 but not quite. A very impressive weekly performance all around.

robtherunner said...

Another good mileage week, Dawn. I hope you had another good one this week.