Sunday, July 08, 2007


I needed to be a super hero for what I tried to accomplish this week. Today on an attempted long run with tired heavy legs I felt I had nothing more to give. This was a really loaded week for me and I felt it this morning. I went out way too late for this run. I did bring my water bottle with me but that went quickly. I was save by grace today when race director Jim & his wife Karen (who did really well in the 3.1 miler we did on Saturday) spotted me about a mile from their house and said it was OK stop by and get water I was save as I still had at least 7 miles to go! Lets just say somehow I got in a long run but I was still about 2 miles from my house so I walked and jog whenever I could. Finally I made it home!!!

The Westport Summer series 3.1 miler went well on Saturday, I shaved only a few seconds off from last year my time was 25:37 I do have to credit Bob with that inspirational video he posted the other day, thank you Bob

7/8 Sunday: 19.02 miles 17 @11pace 2 walk home

7/7 Saturday: 10.55 miles w3.05 @8.37 /7.5 @10:35 pace

7/6 Friday: 7.50 remember I was racing Sat. cut it short

7/5Thursday : 8.02 miles w/7X2 hill repeats

7/4Wednesday: 9.85miles 4 @ 8.31/ 5.85 @10:45

7/3Tuesday : 9.02 miles 10:35 pace

7/2Monday : 7.50 miles 10:45 pace

Total: 71.46 miles


ReneeMc said...

Dawn, I overdid it this week too! It was the first time I cracked 30 miles and I did it on top of tons of hiking. Plus, I stupidly left too late for a long run with no food and not nearly enough water. I had to stop at a fruit stand and buy an apple and a water bottle.
When will we learn?
Glad you survived. You really are a superhero.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, that's some serious mileage. Running long on tired legs is something I have been guilty of, too. Get some rest and I'm sure you will bounce back quickly.

Neese said...

nice mileage girl! I hope you can kick back and rest this evening :)

Bob Gentile said...

Dawn Said: I did bring my water bottle with me but that went quickly.
Hey Dawn great job on ur miles

It's getting so hot here in FL I have to do LOOPS cuz I will run out of water all the time... I keep a cooler in My car and run around by the park /neighborhoods and also can use the Park restrooms... did back to back 4 hour runs--Sat & Sun.

but please be careful, did you do any GELS? or other types of electrolytes ?? That's a lot of miles on just water... that is one thing I am focusing more on now is my FUEL cuz I was not getting enough IN me for what I was sweating OUT.

And yes that video Rocks, I converted into an mp3 and now have it on my Ipod... really gets you focused to give more!!

Have a great Week & yes U are a SuperHero

GB said...

Wow Dawn, no wonder you're so tired. You ran every single day of last week. Do you normally do that, or take a day or two of rest? Don't burn yourself out, but I want to applaud you for not quitting on that long run. And I'm pretty sure everybody walks on those long runs sometime... I know I do!

Phil said...

Congrats for shaving some time off your 5K. Remember, the purpose of all these short races is to work on your VO2max. Nice job.

david said...

71 miles! No wonder your legs were tired.

Thomas said...

That's some heavy mileage, especially taking into account the hill repeats - they should include an extra bonus. You're tired now, but that kind of training will pay off in spades! You'll notice it very soon, I promise.

robtherunner said...

Holy crap, Dawn! Now you're making me feel like a slacker. I better get my butt out there and start running.

Mir said...

Wow, WHAT a week! You must be pooped. I think you definitely deserve a rest day or even two. Way to be strong on that long run.

Love2Run said...

Great week Dawn! I think your super powers were kicking in there at the end too with the long run. As Bob suggests you should practice drinking more than just H20, esp for race day. Keep up the nice work!

Dusty said...


Glad to hear you are listening to your bodya nd not pushing yourself into a danger zone with the heat. I'm with Bob - if you don't want something different for hte electrolytes - buy some Smartwater - they added them to plain water.

Amazing mileage - I'm in awe!

Congrats on the 5k!!