Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

My usual 4th of July race. Today was the best weather we've had in ages for this race. The course is an out and back with a huge hill about .75 into the race but once you hit the 2 mile turn a round point not bad at all. For some reason this year I did not feel the hill as usual. My finish time was 34:05 not the best for the course but better than my last 2 years by well over 1.5 mins. Must have been my very hilly 9 miler yesterday I actually felt that this made the difference today. When I'm in training mode I try to incorporate as many hills as possible, this is the next best thing to hill repeats. Tomorrow when I do my run though I will actually do repeats. That will be 6 decent size 2x. (I'm in sane!!)

Did I mention that I did complete the 2nd race in the Norwalk Summer Series: 5 miler on saturday 6/30. Another gorgeous day for a race. I was just mentioning to someone today that I hate when we have these gorgeous day and the race did not go well. I was really stiff from the get go and did not quite relax my time was 44:21 possibly my worst time for this course. Next in the series is the 7 miler.
Wednesday 7/4 9.85miles 4 @ 8.31 5.85 @10:45
Tuesday 7/3 9.02 miles 10:35 pace
Monday 7/2 7.50 miles 10:45 pace


GB said...

The MACHINE is back! You're awesome Dawn. Thanks for being such a great motivator. Happy 4th!

Love2Run said...

Yup, what's a holiday or weekend without Dawn getting in at least 1 (or 2) races? Nice work at holding up your well deserved reputation ;-) Training through races is also a good plan as your races then become your tempo or speedwork.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the races. gb is right...the machine is back!

Phil said...

I agree with Mike (and who wouldn't). Since you'll enter races at a breath taking rate, you need to use these as your tempo runs. Therefore, you'll need to go into each of them with a particular pace in mind.