Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Felt Great In the Rain

At about 3 miles I got caught in the rain. I enjoyed the run even more, I felt great running in the rain this morning. I did not want to come in but I had to get to work!!! I forgot to look at my watch, not even once. Needless to say I was late to work this morning.

I got back to Waveny Summer Series on Tuesday. It felt good to be back. I took it really easy and just enjoyed being back and seeing old faces. Last nights theme was Age graded 5K. Not my best time for this race but it was good to be back and this is something I have to work myself into again.

A few of you have ask about Accelerade. I wanted to wait a whole week before making a comment. I have only been using the product since Saturday afternoon. I do have to report so far, I'm really feeling good about Accelerade. The flavors are good, very mellow and easy to swallow. My body have felt great each morning I've gone out this week. I feel that I could actually reduce training pace with accelerade. I feel less fatigue and that I can go on and on. I will have more to report, this is worth a try!! visit for more.

My training week is going well so for:

7/18-Wednesday- 15miles-9.27AM 5.73 pm w/ 6X400 & 1X800
7/17-Tuesday- 11miles 8.06 AM 3.1 Xc race pm
7/16-Monday- 5 miles easy (rest/recovery)

Happy running to all!!


ReneeMc said...

You didn't run in that monsoon, did you? I was sitting in my house, thinking of running, and then I turned around and there was NO visibility out there.
But I did get to run this evening.

Thanks for the Accelerade review, Dawn! I am going to test it out too.

Jim said...

Sometimes there is nothing better than just having run running . . . especially in the rain. Not great for the shoes but good for the spirit. I'll be checking out the Accelerade.

Have a great weekend!

Bob Gentile said...

Yes I love that running in the rain:-) I just have to watch out for the Bolts that sometime accompany the rain!

Glad the accelerade is working for ya

GB said...

I love running in the rain, sometimes. ;-)
Thanks for the Accelerade report. I'm going to try some. But I do love my GU20.

robtherunner said...

I'm just old fashioned and still prefer gatorade and powerade with a carbo pro mixture added to it that is flavorless. I have not had accelerade yet, but have been tempted to buy it. Maybe I'll give it a shot one of these days.

Dusty said...

I LOVE running in the rain!! The lightening we've had lately is not so good, but the rain feels GREAT!

Good job on your race and good luck this Tuesday!!

Thanks for the update about accelerade - will be interested to read more! Have a great weekend!