Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Spree Over

Not sure if I will attempt this again but I did it I hung in there and completed all three . There were only two times previously that I did this:

Weston 5K: Bridgeport Hospital 5K: Jim Fix 5miler:
2004: 25:38/ 26:09/ 44:00/
2005: 27:27 / 27:33/ 44:08/
2007: 28:02/ 27:25/ 47:01/
We'll see what next year brings. Happy running everyone have a great Memorial day!!! Remember our Vets!!!
Never defeated only made stronger!!


DawnB said...

just want to say thankyou all for all encouragement!!!

Dusty said...

Awesome job - Woo hoo!!

Great tribute. Thanks to all the military!

Bob Gentile said...

AWESOME Weekend Dawn... That is a great accomplishment.

I just read ur post about Claudia!

I hope you get a chance to meet her again and I know if she knew about ur three races this weekend...She would say DAWN ROCKS!!

Congrats again!!

ReneeMc said...

I feel tired thinking about all your running. Wonderful tribute and now take a rest day!

GB said...

Congratulations Dawn. Very well done!!! Now go and rest, for crying out loud. :)