Sunday, May 27, 2007

2nd Race of the Weekend

Just got home from church. I felt a little better today but not great. This is one of the flattest 5k you would want to run so I should have done better. Like yesterday this race had a great turn out and its for a great cause. I love the way the race ends in the ball park!!!

The Bridgeport Hospital Home Run 5K have posted their official results: 27:25

Tomorrows' five miler is very challenging every year this damn race kicks my butt.


GB said...

You racing machine! I am seriously getting jealous. Due to scheduling conflicts and no childcare, I can't race until August!!! :(

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Going for the trifecta this weekend? Amazing! You really are the patron saint of racing.

Great job!

ReneeMc said...

It's true, St. Dawn is the patron saint of racing!
Well done on this flat 5 K!

Dusty said...

GREAT JOB!!! Woo hoo!! Okay, the whole thing about how you can do better.. that is typically for the person that did NOT run a 5k the day before.

Excited to see your 3 race!! I'm with Chad & Renee - we need T-shirts that say St. Dawn! BTW - thought about you when I got tired in my race today - thought, gee, Dawn is also running right now and it is her THIRD! You rock!!!

robtherunner said...

Nice job, Dawn! I hope the 3rd race this weekend went well.