Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Took a rest Day

I showed up at the gym this morning. Did 30 min on the the stair climber and did some strength training. Elliott and I did not get out tonight. I got home late did the cooking.
I am going to have to try to work on a new schedule for us. Because Kelly is being such a teenager I worry about him when Elliott and I go out in the evenings!!! Now that Elliott will be off to college in the fall and Kelly will start high school my husband will put in a bid to change his shift to 7am to 3pm. We had split shifts because since we both work , one of us would always be with the children. This strategy is not needed any longer!!! Lets hope we continue to be married when this happens!! married for almost 24 years 20 of those years it worked. We tease each other all the time that the reasons we have been married so long is because we never see each!!! only joking :)

Hope everyone have a great running week!!


Dusty said...

haha!! Is that the trick?? Think of it as preparation for the empty next in another 4 years.

Bob Gentile said...

LOLOL nooo don't change that work schedule, you are going to mess with Dawn's workouts :-)

OK OK change it but I will be watching to see if she is slacking...

Coach Bob :-)

ReneeMc said...

Thanks for the trick! Now we all know what to do!
Thanks for the marathon feedback. For someone who had an ITB injury you've made a stellar comeback. I suppose it was long in the making, though.

olga said...

Ah, kid to college...I've got another year, and then just a hope he does go to college.
I think this is exactly what worked, no laughing, but I hope it'll work anyway with new schedule too:) Second youth is wiser than the first one.

Mir said...

I hope the shift change works out. You guys deserve some time together!