Saturday, May 26, 2007

Claudia Camargo

Claudia Carmargo

Phil ask who this woman was: she have become one of the fastest woman in Connecticut. I was introduced to her at a small race in Stamford, CT once. I've wish her luck at another race in Southport, CT . I felt that she was reaching out to me at one of the weaveny XC race one year. But I was too shy and lost the opportunity because I couldn't understand why any one that fast would want to talk to me ( I know how silly that sounds but it is the truth). Her boyfriend is also her coach. She is a mother of , I believe a fourteen year old boy. Her native country is Argentina and believe it or not she runs just as many races as I do but she wins 99% of her races."Competing for Argentina in next year’s Pan American Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics are among her major goals."

She is one of the top members of NYRR there is a wonderful interview with her on Fast Women. com and I believe she was named runner of the year by NYRR for 2006. I believe she completed the NYC marathon in 2:35 in 2006 also and most recently set the BMO Bank of Montreal Marathon Womens course record in 2:35 just a few weeks ago on May 6th. Today's race his is likely her 3rd or 4th race since.

I think I could go on and on, but I won't I'll let you read more about her!!!

Claudia Camargo RockS!!!


Phil said...

Thanks Dawn ... her time was just blazing fast. Thanks for the update. There are so many wonderful people out there that we never hear about. I appreciate the update.

DawnB said...

My pleasure Phil I was happy to do it.

GB said...

She is a lean, mean running machine! Thanks for sharing the info on her. Definitely one to watch.

Dusty said...

So cool - thanks for sharing. Love to read about inspiring runners!!

Phil - thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

I watch the 5K in Danbury CT September 2006, KING of the Hill, SHE TOOK 1st place OVERALL... and her coach no too happy, ask for more.. Anyway.. I read about her history, surgery, bad times... She's Argentina sweet heart.... shy, quiet, phocus, and RUN like horse... rain or shine..