Saturday, May 26, 2007

1st race of the weekend

crummy!!! nothing to write home about. I felt it from the start of the race. Hopefully I'll have a better day on Sunday!! Life goes on.

Weston 5k 2007 bad, bad, bad race day!!!


ReneeMc said...

You'll show 'em on the next two!

Dusty said...

LOVE the picture. I'm with Renee - this was just the warm-up for the other two. Just make sure you get it out of your mind before you step to the next starting line - you can do it!

Phil said...

Who is Claudia Camargo? She must have been flying around the course. I don't think I've seen a 5K result before where a woman was #2 overall. She is very fast.

Sorry about your performance today. I ran in Somerset NJ this afternoon in 86F heat with humidity to match and was sweating up a storm by the end, so I know it was a tough day in the East. Best of luck with the rest of your races.

GB said...

I'm sorry you had a bummer race...we all have them! But I know you'll be kickin' booy again soon.