Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Bunny Boogie

I confess, I'm a race Junkie as Rob so eloquently put it the other day.The man that barely ran for almost a month but went out and did a 50K . And Mike you are right I did have one that I didn't tell anyone about again!!! The man that have done nothing but 20 milers since his quest to kick Boston butt!!yes I am a true maniac as Phil put it as I would run a marathon once a week if I could, this is the man that ran his first marathon sub 4 and yes I'm a race director dream as Chad put it, because if its within range I'm there, this man , just had a new baby, doing awesome workouts in the gym, and just did an awesome 5K . As Thomas , just did his first Ultra 36 miles and looking forward to PRing in a half marathon next week and Renee, busy as a bee, just ran a half had time to sit for thousand of needle pokes and yes she is planning on running a half next weekend: "and I'm the one that needs my head examine" they said. I'm am a racing machine as Susie who just PR in her most recent 10K and Bob have said, Bob just ran back and forth for two hours with a tire tied to him and is planning on making this a weekly ritual!!! . I'm just a crazy running fool and can't get it out of my system its in my blood!!! Guys thank you all for your support!!! :) I guess we are all just a bunch of crazy runners!!! :) you're all my heros!!!

Nice and breezy on today's 3 miler. The course is fast with one big uphill. We start off pretty flat for the first mile with a slight down hill towards .75 miles we hit the hill at about 1.5 miles then at about 2 miles we are at the slight down hill again and in for the finish I've never done better than barely under 24:00 and that was a few years ago. Today I did 25:34 about the same I've done since that barely 24 a few years ago. Here are my splits: I will check official results.
2-8:55 (with the culprit Hill)

Happy Holidays!!!!


susie said...

That's still a speedy time! Happy Easter Dawn:)

Feminist Runner said...

Dang, you told us, Dawn! We all need our heads examined a little.
I can't decide if I should put in for the NYC Half this year. I am planning a fall marathon (finally!) and can't decide if I should train like you (running lots of races every weekend) or like someone else ;)

Have a great holiday, Dawn! You already have an Easter bunny in your house!

Phil said...

On your next 5K, try starting out at a flat 8:30. It looks like you're starting out way too fast and running out of gas. Starting out slower should allow you to have plenty left in the tank for a fast kick at the end.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great race! We are all nuts...or maybe it's all the people who are sitting around miserable that are really nuts. We are the ones doing what we love and having fun. If that's nuts, I'm in!

Dusty said...

I LOVE your post!!! haha!

GREAT 5K time.. those hills can murder your splits - you were really tough in that!

Love2Run said...

Ha! All I have to say is "I told you so!!"