Friday, April 06, 2007

When will it end

Man was it breezy out there. I was running in the wind. yesterday I'm pretty sure I saw snow flurries big fluffy flakes I hope we have a nice day Ester Sunday.

Happy Running Everyone!!!


Phil said...

Running into the wind can be such a drag. Have a great weekend.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Have a great Easter, Dawn. Don't tell will be running. ;-)

Love2Run said...

No, I'm sure you have a race planned that you haven't told anyone about! Hope you get your wish (no snow)!

Bob Gentile said...

grrrrr I agree with you Dawn, You Peeps need some SPRING weather NOW!! Enough already of that cold stuff!

Sending warm weather ur way :-)

Happy Easter!

Feminist Runner said...

Jeez, it was cold today! I couldn't get over it. Plus, the snow flurries the past couple of days have killed me. All the flowers are drooping and I am so sad.
Are you trying to run the NYC Half this year?
Happy Easter!