Sunday, March 11, 2007

WSSAC St. Patricks Day Classic 4miler

Wssac St. Patricks Day Classic 4 miler

I did this fun 4 miler today. Was not sure how I would do. Yesterday I did a long run of 21.02 miles in a time of 3:55. I woke a little stiff this morning so I took 1 advil and that did the trick. This race is for a very good cause. Rett Syndrome Research. My official finish time was 34:32 not my best 4 miler but better than my more recent, here are my splits:
lap 1-8:12
lap 2-8:32
lap 3-8:44
lap 4-8:39
My hart rate averaged 181 with a max 186 I know this looks high but it did not feel like I was working that hard. My heart rate is always higher in races. I did do better than I thought I would so I'm glad of that and I felt pretty good after . My running week was not that great this week. Lots of things got in the way and yet again another week I feel like I totally wasted.


Love2Run said...

21 miles and then a race? That sounds like you're working to me. Maybe the hr was high because you were still tired from the long run. Keep plugging away, it'll come.

Phil said...

You ran 21 miles the day before a race! I think you had an amazing 4 miler considering.

Thomas said...

You're HR was high because your legs had that 21 miler in them. I'm surprised you were able to race at all.

Btw., a St. Patricks Day race on 11 Mar is just plain wrong.

Dusty said...

Nice run! 21 miler - wow, I'm a bit embarassed by my 6 mile long run. haha! I can't believe how well you ran that 4 mile race after the 21! You should be proud. I agree w/Thomas about your HR.

Don't beat yourself up if you are not happy with your training (I'd be giddy with what you do) but just think, March 20th is the first day of spring - a new start - think future, don't stress about the prior weeks. :)

Go Dawn Go!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I tend to agree with thomas. I think the HR and the long run the day before the race had a lot to do with each other.

robtherunner said...

Congratulations on the race especially after a 21 miler. I like how you run Dawn.

Bob Gentile said...

Great Job Dawn and yes especially after the 21 miler, Fantastic!