Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Running Times April

Nothing makes me happier than coming home to a new edition of Running Times in my mail box. I've had this issue now for at least two weeks. I was waiting for the News Letter to come out. I'm sure everyone have heard the news!!!. I just hope my favorite running magazine will not change much. I especially enjoyed the
"Boston or Bust" piece, I'm sure anyone who reads it will see a little of themselves in one of the runners they tracked. Enjoy the issue!! Running Times please stay the way you are!!!
Thanks everyone, but what more can I say about stumbling up hills!!
Monday I took a rest day. Today I wished I hadn't. This morning was unbearable. I went to the gym and I only had time to knock out 5.5 miles I kept at about 9.15 to 9:30pace. I felt really strong on the treadmill and of course I wished I'd gotten there earlier. But winds gusting at 35 miles an hour kept me in bed a bit longer this morning.


Phil said...

Hi Dawn ... what's your game plan. I see that you've stopped posting your runs in your log and I don't see the excitment in your writing. It's been a long tough winter; especially Jan and Feb after such a mild December.

But spring is right around the corner literally and metaphorically. Time to start thinking about where you go from here. You are still in good shape (congrats), now is the time to starting plotting how you're going to get fast.

Dusty said...

Go Dawn, go! :) I'm with Phil, you are in really good shape and coming around the corner into spring - less than 2 weeks! March 20th

I've never read this magazine, I get runner's world, didn't know about this one - I'll have to pick up a copy.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Dawn Yes good magazine Running Times and that Boston or Bust article I subscribed a few months ago and like the mag.

mtnrunR said...

just got my Ultrarunning magazine yesturday. the only bad thing is i read it cover to cover within the first hour of getting it. i just devour it each month. then i have to wait 30 or so days for the next issue.

haven't read running times in a while but it is good too.

you can keep runners world on the shelf though. same with Trailrunner. too much fluff in those most of the time.

Love2Run said...

Good paces Dawn. I hope hey don't change cause they just got bought up by Rodale who owns Runners World.

olga said...

I amnot sure what you consider a "good pace", but this one is great for me! :)