Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Body haven't Spring Forward

My body have not adjusted to the time change. This is why I'm sitting here this morning. I've been lucky to get my run done in the evenings because I've left work at a decent time and hubby been home so I did not have to rush home and cook for the boys. He is back to work today, I'm not sure what today will bring. Monday should have been a rest day but because the weather was so great and I did not do a long run as usual on Sunday I put in 5 miles. Tuesday morning had to take mom to the airport for a 6:00AM flight this means being up by three. In the evening I had time to put in just over 7 miles, another gorgeous night. Maybe today I will make it to the track haven't been there for awhile now. I'll have to start dinner this morning.

Hope everyone is having a great run week!!

3/13/07: 5.05 mi @10:50 pace
3/12/07: 7.02 mi @ 10:51 pace


Dusty said...

I did fine with the time change on Monday, but Tuesday sucked. Good luck adjusting!! :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

We finally found something that slows you down. You need to move to Arizona. We don't believe in Daylight Savings Time so we never have to change the clocks or adjust. We just have to remember the rest of the country changed around us.

Bob Gentile said...

Good job Dawn, I am finally getting to a point when I am OK with heading to the track...I was not liking it the past few months because it was KICKING my butt but now at least my endurance is building up and it's not as bad but still hurts--lol

Have a good week,


Feminist Runner said...

Great weather, eh? Welcome to the Nor'easter! It's crazy out there right now.

I am having the worst time with the DST thing. I need more sleep. More sleep.

Phil said...

Happy to see that the weather is improving. Still don't understand the whole Daylight Saving Time thing, the last thing we want to do in Arizona is save anymore daylight.

mtnrunR said...

solid 4 miler. if my heart got over 180 i think it would blow out of my chest! i like it right at my nice little slow pace and beating at 125.

it is great to have better weather. i'm done wearing tights. gives me too many ingrown hairs after breaking off from the rubbing tights. i just can't bring myself to shave my legs.

Dusty said...

thanks for the advice - I'm going to go for it and do the race tomorrow. :)

Feminist Runner said...

Daaaawwwwwwnnnnn, the weather is awful! Whine, whine, whine. It'll be better for Sunday, eh?

Dusty said...

Hope you are able to get that spring over the weekend! :)

Stay warm!!