Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Travel Agent

Technology is wonderful!!! I've been on the computer for hours and days trying to book a one week vacation for the family!!! and I go through this every time!!!after all who will get the blame, for picking the crummy hotel, the wrong beach, the lousy customer service!!! certainly not the lousy travel agent, yes thank God for technology. I can review hundreds and hundreds of hotels, read thousands and thousands of comments!!! and days later I'm still doing it. Yes thank God for technology.


Dusty said...

haha - good luck!!! Tell them I helped you and recommended all the hotels and things... "that damn Dusty... I tell you kids, it wasn't me, it is all her fault!" hee hee!

Good luck with your planning!!

Phil said...

Travel's a bitch! Best of luck. I'm sure it will turn out great. Make sure you pick somewhere that offers great runs for you.

Bob Gentile said...

I am the King of on-line travel and finding the best price-haha

I had to book my flight today to Vegas for the running camp in May, I had a credit from one of my flights that was cancelled so I called up to see what they had at American Airlines...they gave me prices over $400 ?

I tried to just call without searching BUT now I had to call back and search myself and found an AA flight for $249 called them back gave them the flight numbers and POOF they found that price too--lol (have to watch everything nowadays)

there are a lot of good sites... I guess my number one throughout the years has been

Good luck, you will find a good deal,


Feminist Runner said...

Oh my god, I know! I tell ya, it took me hours and hours of research not not reserve a room in Mexico.