Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year New Plan

1st week schedule:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 8 Mi w/10X100M strides
Wednesday: 11 miles med/long
Thursday: 5mi rec
Friday: 11 mi med/long
Saturday: 5 mi Rec
Sunday: 15 mi med/long
Weekly Total: 55

Tuesday 1/2/07

With a very busy weekend ( two sisters visiting with husbands) I was not sure what to expect today. I knew what I had to do but was not sure how to get it done. The 100 meters strides? was not sure where to fit them into to the run. Thank goodness I sign on every morning(my down fall sometimes) before I leave the house. There in black and white was an email explaining how they should be done. My day was saved.

The strides came after 3 mi and went very well. I ran hard for 35 secs then rested and continued until all ten was complete.

Other than adding an extra mile to my run today, not intentionally, the run went well and I am glad to say looking over the plan and the advice I've received. I am totally committed.

Tuesday: 01/02/07
9.01 mi @10:37 pace


Bob Gentile said...

looks like a good plan for the week.... I seen all ur races u have logged --wow so awesome Dawn...

U inspired me to enroll in some 5k and 10k races over the next few months so I can get use to a race format and run with other peeps :-)

I can feel already I will be pumped and have to WATCH out starting to fast... and then crashing at the end...so these races will help me get more comfortable with events.



robtherunner said...

Hey Dawn,

That schedule looks a lot like a Pfitzinger plan. I enjoyed doing the strides using that plan, however, I am not very good at following a schedule. Good luck with it.

Phil said...

Great start Dawn. That schedule looks a lot like the Pfitz 12w/70mpw schedule (for those of us following along at home).
Great choice. Be sure not to cheat on the recovery runs in the beginning.

Feminist Runner said...

Great plan, Dawn! Actually, killer plan but I can't wait to see your improvements!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like you got the juggling figured out. Great job!

Jank said...

Wow - that looks tough, but I'm sure you'll smoke it.

Happy new year.