Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cold mornings warm evenings

The last two mornings have been pretty cold. But the last two nights after 8:00pm its been over 50F. We truly are having a really Unusual winter. I went to see my friend, who's visiting from Miami, she back home Friday night, we were out on the patio in January roasting marshmallow on a open fire!!!

My five mile recovery run went well today. I got additional sleep because I was only doing 5 miles today!!! What a real treat. I really wasn't trying hard and wanted to stay below my average pace so for this week to call it a recovery run. the first two miles went well, the last 3 miles that's another story, to make a long story short. I finished in just under 50minutes!!!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 9.01mi@10:37 w10X100 strides
wednesday:8.86mi@10:16 pace AM 4.96@9.42pace pm
Thursday: 5.15 mi rec @9.60

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