Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wonderful Morning

I was out this morning for 1:24 hrs the run went well. What a great morning it was. About mile two the jacket, hoody and gloves came off!!!. No gym time tonight,
did not get home from work until about 7:45pm. Tomorrow I will try to make it to track. Unfortunately I have this weird feeling I won't make it.

Happy running!!!


Bill said...

You can do it!

Have fun at the track; don't let these last couple of nice days slip!

Bob Gentile said...

WELL Rebuke that FEELING and get your BUTT to the TRACK tomorrow :-)

Oh Hello DawnB, How are you? great run u had this morning and Don't forget to keep that MOJO going into NEXT year.


Feminist Runner said...

Holy criminy, has it ever been gorgeous! Keep enjoying the weather.

Dusty said...

So glad you have great weather - it is awesome here too!