Monday, December 11, 2006


Not much to say tonight. I woke up this morning way to late. By the time I got out the door I only had 30 mins. I did those 30 mins which only made me sadder because it was a wonderful morning to have gotten out there. I didn't get to the gym tonight. Had some errands to do that got into gym time. I guess I have to face facts, its that time of the year. But lets just say this will be my official rest day. I just hate to be a slacker :)

I believe someone had introduce this site once before. I've been very active on it lately. I find it to be a wonderful way to keep track of your races. You can type in your name a most likely you are in the data base, have fun!!! with Virturace.


Phil said...

Hey ... don't be blue .. you got in 30 minutes. You're not slacker.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Slacker? Slacker?? I'm pretty sure that the average "slacker" doesn't do 48 running races in their life, much less in one year. I think we can cut you a least this time.

Dusty said...

cool site, thanks for sharing.

Dawn, slacker? Not possible. Maybe SLIGHTLY human.