Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Nike Sphere Treasure

Not sure where to type on this but I just had to share. When I came in from my run this morning I had my son snap these. Another great run, 1 hour 30 mins not feeling the elements at all. The outer shell is thin as nylon. The inner is a very thin waffle like lining. Could not find one on line close to it. The label said ACG 3 outer layer couche Etreme. I found this at TJ maxx. Because I'm a cheapo, I waited almost two weeks before paying the 25.99 for it. If I had bought it from or a sports job the retail price would have been 189.00. Every now and then I come across some really good pieces at TJmaxx and its good to actually know how much they are really worth and the quality.
I have to get in the shower for Church. Have a great day!!!


robtherunner said...

You look nice and warm Dawn, and festive with the Christmas tree behind you.

Bob Gentile said...

umm I think I am looking at DawnB with her "MOJO On" :-)

You look warm and ready to KNOCK out some MILES!!

neese said...

you are so cute :o) and i agree with the tree, what a festive and happy photo! (the mask thing i've just not quite warmed up to yet though!)

Dusty said...

Love the tree!

Okay - I bought a couple Nike vests from ebay 2 weeks ago, but haven't been able to wear them yet - hopefully soon. They might be similar - kind of waffle like. Not sure how well they work yet.. but if so - you could try ebay for more.

I agree with Bob - you totally have your MOJO on! :)

Feminist Runner said...

Awesome. I hear you on the cheap thing. I wait till everything is on sale at Century 21 Dept Store and then I grab, like my new tights for just $19.99.
That deal's phenomenal!

Jim said...

Agreed . . . cheap is the way to go! Actually "cheap" is too demeaning. How about "shopping efficient"?

Love the tree also. I still have not started decorating. I think that you're shaming me into it!

Sounds like you had a great weekend of running. Way to go!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You have just shown a perfect example of why my Rule #1 of life in America is what it is..."Me Don't Pay Retail!!"

Good job!

Phil said...

Great way to stay warm Dawn. Beats the heck out all the bulky stuff we use to wear. Thanks for the photos.

Great run to boot.