Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wow what a Day

52F when I went out. I was overdressed but I kept my shirt on. Too dark to take a chance. I was very tired again. Man its really no fun running when you are tired. Just seem to take much longer than the run should. I was thankful to have gotten another 8 in today@ about 10:30 pace.

Tonight I'm truly going to forces myself to bed early. And if that fails I will be sure to have some sleepy time tea. I just know a good night sleep would put a little spring in my step. I did the route I did yesterday only backwards. More hills than yesterday.

There were at least 3 cars sliding past stop signs today because they were paying way too much attention to me running. This early in the morning I don't feel particularly glamorous. I don't even brush my teeth when I go in the morning, I had tights on long sleeve shirt and my big yellow reflector vest on. And speaking of reflector vest, are they suppose to attract cars. I swear there are times when I feel a car coming right at me. Some how I manage to maneuver out of the way with terror in my eyes and a What the hell are you trying to do?!! expression on my face. Maybe it is better when its dark out.

November 1, 2006
8.1 miles @10:30
October 31, 2006
8.33 miles @10:00
October 30th
5.5 miles @9:59


Phil said...

Dawn, I'm sure a women in tights and a bright yellow top could be a real car stopper. Of course, I'm also sure that people are just plan shocked to see anyone out running in the dark.

Another nice run and congrats again on your tempo yesterday.

Feminist Runner said...

I hate that, Dawn! Sometimes when I am running even on bike paths or walk paths or something people stare. Like they've never seen a woman run!
I am glad you kept your top on -- I am always loathe to risk it's removal, which really sucks in the summertime but is probably marginally safer.

robtherunner said...

A good nights sleep does wonders for the body. I got nine hours the other night and was amazed at how I felt throughout the day.

Thomas said...

Hey, noone ever missed a stop sign because of me. Your looks must be a lot better than mine.

52 seems very warm to me. This morning it was about 30 outside, and I was really glad to be recovering rather than running at the moment.