Thursday, November 02, 2006

Didn't use the rain & wind as an excuse

And thanks to my unofficial online coach a very insightful person that absolutely knows what he is talking about, got me out in the rain and wind this morning. I was out a little later this morning because I was trying to decide if I should go out or not. So I only did 7.3 miles. My first mile was under 10 mins and I have not done that in so long, my first mile split was 9:51 and I really wasn't trying to run my first mile that fast. A big thank you for unofficial coach that I hope will say yes once I decide to focus and take my training seriously for my BQ before I turn 45!!!.

Yes it was a steady drizzle Thu out my run. I had to take my glasses off because they were fogging up. I don't like to run without them. My second mile was 9:58 wao hoo!!! and I was still feeling pretty good. third mile I drop back to 10:36 can't help but blame the gradual more than .25 miles incline I was going up mile four back to 9:4 mile five was 9:41 and mile six was another 9:41 (you go girl) and since it was time to come home mile seven I was back to 10:10

so it looks like I averaged 9:49 for 7.3 miles today. I'm hoping this will continue on Friday with the 10 miles I plan to run.

November 2, 2006
7.3 miles @9.58
November 1, 2006
8.1 miles @10:30
October 31, 2006
8.33 miles @10:00
October 30, 2006
5.5 miles @9.59


Feminist Runner said...

I stayed in because I couldn't handle the rain so I am especially impressed.
And a good run to boot!

Phil said...

Going out in the rain on a cool autumn morning takes guts, and to then to get focused on speeding up shows even more determination.

Great job Dawn.