Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Short one today

I'm still on the road, just a little sleep deprive but the body feel strong and is resting really well. I will mostly likely end this week with about 45 miles and next with about 25. I still focusing on picking up the pace and I am happy that this is going well. The temps been great the last week or so hope this is a sign for a mild winter.


Phil said...

Dawn ... thank you for the kind comments concerning my daughter. I found out yesterday that she was the only freshman to make the varsity team. In fact, they only added two players to last year's team. My daughter and a junior they moved up from JV.

Good to hear your still working on speed. Add a few details in your next post.

Thank you again. I appreciate your comments

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn! Thanks for your kind words. I hope things slow down a little for you -- but it's true, running does really keep us going.
Take care and I am glad your speed is looking up, or down, or however you call it!

Love2Run said...

Just run, enjoy your off season! Nice miles you're putting in too. Life can be crazy hectic sometimes but it eventually slows down. I'm hoping for a mild winter too!

robtherunner said...

I can relate to the Chaos Dawn. Short ones are about all I can get out for right now and I thank God as well that I am able to do that.

Nice job on the mileage this week. Have a great weekend.

Phil said...

Dawn .. thanks for you optimistic prediction of a sub 40 min 10K. Although I appreciate your faith in my ability; a 40 min 10K translates to a 6:26/mi avg pace. I can't run 800m intervals that fast. Since I'm using this 10K as a training run, I really want to keep a nice steady pace in the 7:15 - 7:30 range (depending on how I feel) and survive to continue training next week.

Bless you though.