Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Glorious Day

Another glorious day for running, wow, wow, wow, keep them coming!!!! and what a difference it makes to run a little later in the morning. Yesterday I went out about 8:30 because I had the day off. Today I started about the same time. Daylight and the basking in the sun, that is the life believe me when I tell you this.

On Friday I did a short Longish one of about 13 miles I was just under 10min pace at about 9:54 and today I did about 9 miles around the same pace. I ended the week with 45.6miles so I was right on target.

I am thinking of doing BeachFront BushWhack on Sunday. I haven't done it in a while because of conflicts. This is a 5 mile part trail, part beach and lots of jumping and leaping. Whenever I get to run something other than road it is always fun. I want to be careful also because I don't want to take a chance and get hurt.

Well I'm happy to say I may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The college applications are in the mail and only about two more weeks of football for the big thanksgiving day hometown rival team game BMHS vs. NHS. This is always tough for me, I want to root for my son and I always do, but I went to NHS, the other high school in Norwalk.

I finally got a chance to send in my membership request to Marathon Maniacs!!!!

I looked over the results of NYC for Connecticut finishers. On the top of the list was Claudia Carmargo!!! 2:35, 13th female overall in NYC!!! first overall in Connecticut!!! Someone I've run with in many local race, I've personally met and wished her luck, someone whom I've admired from afar because she is twice as fast as me!!! Claudia you Rock!!! girl you totally rock!!

I'm glad I stuck to my goal of only 45 miles this week. Next week I plan to do even less 25 miles and only run every other day, I want to feel really rested, then its off to PA!!!

Nov 11, 2006

9.58 miles @9.56

November 10, 2006

12.89 miles @9.58

November 09, 2006

5.01 @ 10:02

November 08, 2006

4.02 miles @ 9.45

November 07, 2006

6.06 miles @ 10:12

November 06, 2006

8.05 miles @ 9:30 (NYC inspiration)


Feminist Runner said...

That race sounds like a blast, Dawn! I hope you can do it and just go slow if you need to (ha! I laugh at the idea of you holding youself back!)
Glad there is light at the end of your tunnel. You've had a crazy month.

robtherunner said...

Can't want to see your name listed in the Insane Asylum

susie said...

Boy, do I miss the CT weather. I'll bet it's been gorgeous! Enjoy:)