Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lost in Choas

Hello to all, I'm in one of those modes again. What can I say, I just have times when I'm not sure if I'm coming or going. And I thank God every day that I have my running to keep me going.

Phil, congratulations!! your daughter making varsity in her freshman year that is awesome!! you're having a great week as usual. Good luck this weekend with the 10K. nice job rearranging the schedule.

Renee- I love your night before NYC marathon I read it to the end. I have one more year for a 3rd try then I get guaranteed entry in 2008. I looking forward to it. I think its a great idea that you have decided to run a marathon. You know you can do it!!

Rob, sorry you did not get to the 50k, your header is perfect, Susan did a great job. I am keeping my fingers cross to make NYC next year. If not I just might have to do the 9 Races in Central Park because I may hate the thought of waiting another year :)

I've been taking quick glances at your blogs that is all I've had time for. I know this will pass, so I'm going to be patient

Have a good running week !!! and I'll check in soon.

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