Friday, November 03, 2006

Running with the Dogs

They were all over the place this morning I spotted at least 3 without leashes just roaming around, 2 running at me, luckily they were behind invisible fences, 2 barking from the yard, 4 were with owners, and at the very end a very small dog just running in the street. For the first time in ages I was ready to use my mace. What a really weird morning.
I had a great run again this morning not the ten I wanted but I did get about 9.34 in 1:29 mins. Again I did a run averaging under 10 mins. and I feeling great.
A special shout out to those Running NYC on Sunday!!! I can't wait to get there.
Quick post tonight.. Elliott's game start in 30mins.

November 3, 2006
9.34 @9.43
November 2, 2006
7.3 miles @9.58
November 1, 2006
8.1 miles @10:30
October 31, 2006
8.33 miles @10:00
October 30, 2006
5.5 miles @9.59


robtherunner said...

I hope to run New York one of these days as well. I have never been to New York and have always wanted to visit.

Feminist Runner said...

There's something in the dog air; this is the second person I've seen complain about nasty dogs en route.

Hope Eliot had a good game!

Phil said...

Dogs on the run? Sounds like it's time for you to get a big dog of your own. Works better than mace.

Nice week of running Dawn. Good to see you pushing up the pace.

Best of luck to Eliot and the rest of his team.