Friday, November 24, 2006

Pequot 5 miler

45:56 I did say I would take it easy and that's what I did. I enjoyed the cold, rain, and 35 miles per hour winds. As you can see from the results, quite a few showed for this one. Nothing will stop tradition. I found out there was 3600 registered.

Wasn't Ideal weather conditions, but I ventured out anyway and did the Pequot 5 miler. I don't believe this was the worst race conditions I've ever ran in, Elliott's' game was cancel until Saturday . Today I had to appeal a ticket I got on race day, then I finally had to go get that well needed pedicure, after 4 marathons and a whole lot of miles in between, it was time. I hate feeling like I have to explain I'm a runner. And they still look at you like what does that have to do with anything. I didn't run today :( I just let the day slip by. I may venture out Saturday morning and try my feet at this one before Elliott's game. I've never done the Cow chip 5k XC before and it looks like fun!!!

Hope everyone is still enjoying the holidays. Our Christmas decorations are up!!! Thanks to all hubby's hard work today.

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Feminist Runner said...

Oh my god, you found another cow race for me! I am aiming to run every cow-themed race in the country. One down, some more to go (as if there's a definitive cow count or something!)

You took a day of rest! Unbelievable! I hope the game goes well; you are a loyal mom rooting for your kid's team when they were your archrival back in HS. Enjoy the weekend!