Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cow Chip 5K

I think I've really done it this time. About a quarter mile into the race I felt this awful twinge in the back of my knee. Although I felt great before the race nothing hurt or Twinge. I started the 5K as though I was going to set a world record :). But that little twinge slowed me way down. I relaxed my pace and listen to my body. The course was tough very muddy a squishy, with lots of slippery leaves. I believe the worst part of the race really was the mud and the squishy grass, oh, I almost forgot about the puddles. I did make it to the end and was relieved. I've been rubbing and massaging the back of my right leg since the race. I probably did not warm up enough. But if there is an opportunity to do this again next year I will, if only to beat my own time 32:45. The results have already posted:

Elliott's team won the game today!!!. Today ended 4 years of high school football for Elliot. He is hoping to play in college. I'm really proud of him!!!


Yvonne said...

oopsie - be careful. get some ice on it!

DawnB said...

I'm feeling much better today. Very tempting this morning with such great weather!!! in the upper 40F. I refrained. Monday morning will tell the truth :)

Phil said...

Ouch! Tell us again where it hurts. When you say, the "back of the knee" what do you mean? How did things go today?

I see your still putting in back-to-back races. Next year, I'd suggest you set up a race scheduled that's integrated into your BQ training schedule. That will keep you focused on improving.

Good news on your son's football results. After 4 years of playing there is little wonder why you are so proud of him.

robtherunner said...

Congratulations to you and to Elliot for the football. I hope he is able to play at the college level.