Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nothing Much Today

No running today, I'm still a little stiff. I'm very rarely stiff two days after a marathon. I believe the cause is the 5hrs & 30mins sitting in the car in traffic on my way home Sunday after the marathon.

I will try to go out in the morning a do a very short one. Need to feel like I can still run for the thanksving day 5 miler race that I haven't missed since ,I believe 2002.


Phil said...

Sitting in a car after running 26 miles has got to be the pits. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and start thinking about what needs to be done over the winter to get you to bust open your next marathon with a big BQ performance.

Feminist Runner said...

Man, 5.5 hours in the car! That's far longer than the marathon itself. Have a great holiday!

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, are you planning on running the More again? Maybe the half portion? Maybe you'd like an under 40 yoa partner to run with you (and by with you I mean way behind you)? I love all women's races but I'm not old enough to run this one alone!
Let me know.

Thomas said...

Sitting in the car for so long would make me stiff even if I didn't run a marathon beforehand.

Make sure you don't race the 5 miler if you insist on running it. You'd be asking for an injury.