Sunday, November 19, 2006

Philly 2006

Thank you all for for your well wishes and good lucks. I was really trying to be as subtle with this one as my others, but I did let it out of the bag a little this time. :)
Not my best not my worst official: 4:29:42 net 4:33:33 gun my sixth a final marathon for the year , got them out of the system. Not sure what I was expecting from this one. Not a BQ, I know it was far reach but I was hoping for 3:59-4:00. Just didn't happen.

I got to packet pickup about 3:30 on Saturday. Took me half an hour to find parking. Then I had to wait in line another 20 or so minutes to get into the expo where the packet was.

Went to the hotel with a wicked head, took Advil, then went to the only restaurant on site and order a pasta dish I took back to my hotel room. Eat the fell a sleep woke up about 10:30pm could not go back to sleep. I did not sleep well.

Left the hotel about 6:15AM wanted to be sure to get parking. Still took me almost 45 minutes to find parking. Waited around 45 minutes for the race to start. When the race started about 8:15 my toes was frozen although I jump around in place allot. I only eat a half of a bagel I grab from the hotel this morning as I was checking out. The race started and I realized I did not even have one of my clif Bloks.

Although I saw people stripping down. This is the first time I kept on everything I wore to the race. I was planning on wearing a sleeveless top. The marathon had a nice top they handed out this year one that wicks and it was long sleeve. So I wore that under my own shirt. Tights, Gloves and Hat. Nothing came off!!!

I just did not have a good race today. I could blame it on allot of things, such as the stress of driving down, the head ache, not enough sleep, not eating and fueling properly before the race started, resting too much this week, when I knew this never worked for me before, not wearing my mp3 player because they say they were not allowed but I saw hundreds of people with them today and finally the fact that they added the half marathon and we started at the same time and did not separate until mile 10!!!!. But I will blame only myself for actually thinking I may have accomplished today.

Now that I got them out of my system my main goal next year BQ!!!. I will focus on a May marathon. I think it will be a new one. The LI marathon I ran in May was just too much high way!! So I'm looking at Delaware. I will not race the rest of the year except for the thanksgiving day 5 miler. I will begin my quest for a BQ after the New Year.

Well I finally made it home, what should have taken only about 2hr:40mins took about 5:30 hours because of traffic. I already took a long shower. I was very stiff from sitting all that time. I glad I walked around from 30 mins before I started home.

I started this marathon in 2003 but quit at mile 17 because of my first ITB. I did it again in 2004 with about the same results as this one 4:25:22 net 4:27:21 gun. 2005 I got lost going down to Philly because I went the Patterson way instead of the Newark way. If I BQ in May. I most likely will do this one again along with the others :) I'm going to bed!! I can sleep late. I took Monday off!!!


Yvonne said...

great job and nice report! and good luck with your striving towards a BQ. you can do it :)

Phil said...

Great report Dawn ... Fellow bloggers can refer to it when others imply that marathoning is easy. Oh so much can go wrong.

Also, even though you were disappointed with your performance, you still ran a heck of lot further than most of us today under very chilly conditions. Now that you've got these multiple marathons out of your system (I've lost count on how many you've run over the past 6 months) you can get focused and start training for you BQ. I know you can get there. Your one strong runner and you certainly don't have any trouble with the long run and that's the core of any good marathon prep; so you're half way home. You just need to work on your LT and improve your speed and you're there. The nice thing is, you've got all winter to work on it with no marathons planned to distract you from your goal.

Rest up ... you deserve it.

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, I am looking forward to your BQ quest! You are amazingly strong and most definitely can do it.

I hear DE is a 4 lap course with a relay, or at least it used to be. I don't know that works for you, maybe it's a good thing for some, but for me it's a killer!

Thomas said...

Sorry to hear that it didn't go as well as you hoped. Mark it as a bad day, because, as you've said yourself, most of the excuses don't really count - most people don't sleep well before a marathon, most people are stressed the day before ... the one thing that you should definitely change is breakfast; I find a good carbs-breakfast 3 or even 4 hours before start is very important.

Better luck next time. As Phil said, rest properly and then concentrate on one marathon, rather than running so many in a short space of time.

You're definitely capable of a BQ.

robtherunner said...

Another marathon under your belt to cap off the year is a good thing. Enjoy some rest and I look forward to the quest to BQ.

P.S. For some reason bloglines is not updating very well. I better go check others that may have posted as well. I knew you must have something written by now since you ran a marathon. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

D said...

6 marathons this year???? Wow. I can so relate to the traffic headaches. I can't believe you already ran a race this morning. hardcore. Congrats on completing another marathon!