Monday, November 27, 2006

Nice Slow Easy one

I believe the little twinge behind my knee was from the medial collateral ligament. I honestly believe that the cause was because I did not warm up and I hadn't run the day before. I should have
started the race a little slower than I did.
This morning I was very cautious, nice and slow.
The run went well. No twinge at all. Other than feeling, clumsy and fat, yes fat!! I think I gain about 7 lbs since October. Too much carbo loading and tapering and not enough miles!!!
Well the buck stops here I'm getting right back on track, call me crazy but life is what it is. I will still stick to my plan of no racing in December so I'm hoping that will save me.
November 27, 2006
5.45 miles AM
30 mins Threadmill PM
30 mins Elipitical w/arms
8 nautilus machine 2 sets of 18 reps each


Phil said...

Happy to hear you haven't had a repeat of the knee problem. Thanks for the great diagram also.

Thomas said...

Take it easy on the knee, you're still in recovery mode from your last marathon.

I know your pain about getting fat - I put on far too many pounds in the 2 weeks of rest after my last marathon, but thankfully they're starting to fall off again.

Feminist Runner said...

Daw, I share your vow of no racing in December. We will be race-free!

susie said...

I agree...a few pounds can make all the difference. But you'll be in good shape soon. I have no doubt!!!