Sunday, November 12, 2006

BeachFront BushWhack

I had a great time the race went well. I keep thinking that I've done this race 2 times before today but I could only find results for 2003. Although challenging it's was good to do something off the road. I would most certainly call this a true cross country trail. The race started with us going uphill, then en route lots of jumping over this and jumping over that dodging this and dodging that. And some really nice hills thrown in. Even at the end we had to climb a hill, but then abut a .20 of a mile down hill to the finish line. I had allot of fun and the nice thing about it, I didn't even feel like I was trying hard. I even met up with someone on the trail that I have not seen all year. He said he had knee surgery and he is just getting back on track. I do hope that this wasn't his first race after knee surgery.

November 12th 2006
5 miles XC/Trail Unofficial time 43:26@ 8:41

2003 results
5 miles XC/Trail official 44:14@8:51


robtherunner said...

Nice race Dawn. All these races people are running make me want to get out there on the trails. I'll be patient for now though.

Feminist Runner said...

Sounds awesome, Dawn. You made a good showing for someone taking it so easy and all.
Now the true taper begins!

Phil said...

Great race Dawn .. you're getting faster for sure.