Thursday, October 12, 2006


Someone named Lora, emailed me and ask that I read this book and make a comment about the book on my blog. She offered to send me a free copy, but I told her I would buy it. I believe its been about a month. I've finally ordered the book and received it about a week ago. I have'nt gotten very far into it so I really can't comment much. Just did not want her to think I said I would do something and didn't. When I finish reading it I will make a comment.

Nice and easy again this morning nothing to holler about. Weather was good. I like it when there is a little dampness without the humidity

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Jim said...

I got the same offer on the book. I offered to pay for it but she insisted that I just take it and review it. However, I got mine in the mail in a week or two. Go figure. Like you, I have not gotten deep into it. Ashamed to say that I am not an avid reader-I read tons of technical junk at work and just don't feel like reading a lot at home. I will read the book soon and post my comments as I had promised.

Hope you have a great weekend and put in some miles. 10 for me on Saturday.