Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hartford Marathon Today, Call me nutty :)

Yes, call me nuts, but I did it today. I am still feeling good. Going to take a long shower!! I'll be back to update later

Unofficial Net time 4:17? Will update when results post

Saw the Running Chick with the Orange Hat. She was awesome. Made her BQ. I guess I have to follow her in her footsteps and get a coach to BQ. Her race was a lot more exciting than mine read all about it.

Off to the shower!!!

Back for the update:

This was the marathon I had planned to miss it was scheduled a week later than usual and would not allow me to have the two week break in between marathons. I was not sure I would be able to run another within a week. So my plan was to do the Westchester Marathon. skip this one and then do Mystic.

I was feeling really good the whole week. I decided why not. If it did not work out I would stop at the 20 mile mark and call it a long run. Except for the usual hustle and bustle of getting to the start line (another mad dash) the race went well.

This race is a lot larger than the one I ran last week. I was off to the side when we started. I'm surprise I got to the mat when I did. In the begining I met up with someone I know really well. Not in my age group, she is in the 50-54. She is having an extremely good year. Her times have been incredibly this year. I really admire her. Maybe when I turn 50 thats when I will shine :).

She ask me what I was going to try to do today I told her I'm not sure because I ran Westchester last week. She said she was going for her BQ which I believe is 4:05 in her age group. Well it ended up that my shoe laces got loose and when I stop to tie them I lost her.
I'm not sure how long I could have kept up with her but I'm sure it would have help.

Let me give you an example of of how much this woman have improved over one year and with her turning 50 . She have been in the running circuit many years before me. Last year(and previous years) I believe I was ahead of her by minutes in many of the races we ran together, except for the first few races of this year she really kick my butt and its not because I've gotten worst. She have just improved drastically. I'm really proud of her she have become an inspiration at least I have something to look forward to. Yes she did get her BQ because her net time was 4:01 and gun time 4:03!!!

For me the race went better than I'd expected. I'm getting them out of my system so I can get down to business with my BQ training. ( or maybe I just love running marathons :)

The biggest hurdle of this marathon is the last 10k of the race. For the most part the course is pretty smooth. But very hilyl the last 10k. I can't say I finished with a bang this time although there was a nice down hill at the end.

Today official time: 4:16:25 net 4:17:48 gun time ( I got it backwards I had started my watch at gun time not at mat time.

Hartford Marathon
2006: 4:16:25 net 4:17:48 gun
2005: 4:30:57net 4:32:27 gun
2004: 4:17:01net 4:19:07 gun


susie said...

Excellent, and I won't call you crazy!! (though I can't believe you did it...) Way to go Dawn

Absolutely FIT! said...

You're an inspiring nutty runner :) Congrats! You rock!

robtherunner said...

That's Awesome Dawn! You may not be an official Marathon Maniac, but you definitely qualify to be a part of the Insane Asylum. Yes, that's what we call it. Congratulations! I'm jealous.

Feminist Runner said...

Well, I might call you nutty! Again, nice job. Anyone who can think "Why not?" and then run a marathon must be doing something right.
Congrats on 2 marathons in 2 weeks. Do you have one this weekend too?

Phil said...

Back to back marathons is a great accomplishment Dawn ... and just look at your year over year improvement! I really think you've got an ultra in your future.

Love2Run said...

Love the Insane Asylum comment. You really are full of surprises! I'm sure there is a 50k around this weekend and isn't chicago going on too? Nice run...