Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another unusual Day.

I love this funky picture. Today I had a great run. More than enough pep to keep at 9:30 pace which I'm thrill about. I'm even willing to post all my splits tonight not just the one I'm shocked about. Am I speaking too soon or is my mojo coming back. Tomorrow will tell another story :)

October 4th 2006
7.32 miles 9:25 pace

P.S. would you believe I just picked my son up from football practice. It was almost 7:00 . They started at 3:00pm. Am I over reacting or is this a little too much for high school football?


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

That is a cool graphic! Good job on the running and man I can't believe its been so long since I've been here. Thanks for dropping by and not giving up this bad blogger.

He I met another Dawn, she's a coworker and sits in the office across from me. We need to have a "Dawn gathering"

Feminist Runner said...

I ran by a football team at around 7pm and thought that had to be a really late practice! I guess I was wrong.
Of course, when I ran by, the coach made them start running, telling them they were men and we had been WAAAAAAAYYYY behind them.
I felt bad for them, it was the end of practice and they were carrying stuff!

Nice run!

Phil said...

7:17 mile in the middle of this run! Great job Dawn.

Football is way out of control in general, but if you son is having a good time ... more power to him.