Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Glorious Day

Why is it that I run my best recovery runs after the longer races. I just don't get it. But by the time
I got out the door this morning I was ready for a marathon. I ate a bowl of oat meal, drank 12 once bottle of water, two packs of gue in my pocket, my mp3, garmin and water bottle !! I was race ready. I did not quite run a marathon, only 14.7 miles then called it quits and walked for 1.56 miles.

October 2, 2006
14.7 miles (very slow)

1.5 Walked miles


Phil said...

Sounds like a great morning Dawn. Isn't this cooler weather grand! You continue to put in mileage that would just bury me.

Great run.

Jank said...

Love the nice weather!

Feminist Runner said...

Sounds amazing! I can't believe you can run that many miles on a Tuesday, but, actually, I can believe it since you're superwoman ;)