Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This is whiskers Kelly's rabbit. She is way faster than me. I don't think I'll ever try to race against her anytime soon. We love this rabbit. And tonight Kelly wanted everyone to know that this is his rabbit. We pick her out together for his 11th birthday. But I think Whiskers likes me more :)

I was out this morning not quite as early as I should have been. My alarm goes off at 4:50. Then I roll out of bed at about 5:15 I really should be on the road by 5:30 to get my run done. Today I wasn't out until about 5:45. I almost made Elliott late for school. I'm feeling pretty good. Did the 1st 8 miles of the half course. Went well nothing spectacular to report. Tonight I managed to get to the track. This work out was a treat. I had to attend Kelly's open house tonight. So I left the track and went to the open house. Not a good idea I sat way in the back of each class because I did not want to offend anyone, If you know what I mean. Note to self : do not attend open house immediately after a track work out.

September 13, 2006
8.02 miles AM (10:40 pace)

7.64 miles PM (warm up 2.55 miles 2x800/ 4X400/ 1X800 & 2X400) w/200 rec
2.55 @ 10:15 pace
800 (.54) 4:22 (8.07pace)
800 (.53) 4:09 (7:52pace)
400 (.28) 1:54 (6.53pace)
400 (.26) 1:55 (7:28pace)
400(.27) 1:52 (6:55pace)
400(.29) 1:50 (6:17 pace)
800(.53) 3:57 (7:29 pace)
400(.25) 1:54 (7:30 pace)
400(.26) 1:54 (7:18 pace)
.29 miles dash to car 2:16 ( 7:57 pace)


Phil said...

Cute bunny ... I can just imagine you sitting in the back of the class room with your running shoes itching for a few more miles. My kids hate it when I walk around normal people in my running gear (they think the running shorts are way too short for a guy my age).

Hey ... could you start listing your pace along with your mileage on your blog?

Phil said...

Hi Dawn ... were you running on a track with your Garmin? It would appear so with the irratic readings on the pace. Assuming you were on a track, I recomputed your actual pace based on your lap time:

800 (.54) 4:22 (8.07pace) 8:47
800 (.53) 4:09 (7:52pace) 8:21
400 (.28) 1:54 (6.53pace) 7:38
400 (.26) 1:55 (7:28pace) 7:43
400(.27) 1:52 (6:55pace) 7:31
400(.29) 1:50 (6:17 pace) 7:22
800(.53) 3:57 (7:29 pace) 7:57
400(.25) 1:54 (7:30 pace) 7:38
400(.26) 1:54 (7:18 pace) 7:38

I really like the negative splits. You just kept running faster on your 400s and held a nice pace on the last two 400s. You might want to consider pushing a little harder on the on the first 400 and get into your rythme quicker. Just get into the feel for those 1:50 laps. These are pretty quick, so we know you have speed. The purpose of this exercise is to find that quicker pace and hold it. Get to the point where you can feel it and call it up at the end of a race.

Really nice run.

Feminist Runner said...

I am grinning thinking of you in that classroom in your running gear. And I am also laughing at Phil's kids hating when he's around "normal people" in his gear. Runners aren't normal, are we?

Very cute rabbit. We had a rabbit when I was a kid. She lived until she was 12 and I was away at college already.

DawnB said...

Thanks Phil, thank you, I was feeling pretty good and was a little surprise I felt so good after doing eight miles in AM. I had someone with me who really motivated and pushed me and I really appreciated it. :)

Renee you mean Whiskers will be mine after Kelly goes of to college!!! yippee!!! I'm looking forward to it. :) I love that rabbit, the stress of the day disapears when I'm cudling that rabbit. she is so lovable.

robtherunner said...

Nice job on the splits. I think that open house should be a come as you are occasion. I certainly would not be offended as a teacher and would probably be intrigued that you were doing a track workout in the first place. You do not hear about enough active parents these days.