Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fall Frolic 30K

What a busy weekend for me. Two football games and a 30k to top it off. On Saturday Elliott had his season opener against Fairfield's Nortre Dame, the Senators won 28-15. Elliott got some decent playing time for which I'm very pleased. Unseasonable hot for mid September quite a few of the guys cramp up, not enough fluids.

Today Kelly's team the Norwalk Titans played against the NY Packers (8th graders) another hot day but I'm happy to report that not one of their team members cramped. The Titans second game of the season, they won 28-0 now they are 2-0. Kelly also got quite a bit of playing time. Both teams off to a good start.

Me lazy about bloging the last few days. Just trying to make everything go as smoothly as possible. I did 8 miles on Thursday at my easy pace. On Friday I did the 9 miles at my easy pace again. On Saturday I did another 8 at slower than my easy pace because of the 30k on Sunday.

The 30K went well I felt good. I was still feeling good in the end, very important to me. The course is flat its a double loop. My only gripe this year I actually saw at least 3 people cutting the course. When we came around to do the second loop people took the first set of stairs. They should have follow the orange arrows and go around like we did in the first loop and go down the trail, taking the first set of stairs you cut the course by at least .25 miles.

As I was coming down the path I saw one guy coming up the stairs. I raised my hand to let him know that he was cutting the course, he blew me off. I thought he would at least go back down the stairs and go around.

Then a little bit down the course I saw two people that I know was behind me I had pass them before. When I came up to them I told them that you know you cut the course. They claim they did not know because no one was in front of them. I told them that there was no orange arrows pointing to the stairs and we are suppose to follow the arrows as we did the first time around.

After that I just went on and not think about it anymore, focus my mind back on the race. Now I'm wondering how may others cut the course like that and was it really worth it. This was a training run for a fall marathon. Their loss.

September 17, 2006
30k fall frolic
2002-3:09 my 1st 30K

September 16, 2006
8.43 miles 10:45 pace

September 15, 2006
9.02 miles 10:20 pace

September 14, 2006
8.02 miles 10:20 pace

Conclusion from this result: I will not be improving much on my fall marathons, but there is still hope.


Feminist Runner said...

Sounds like your kids had some good games this weekend.
And your race -- people cutting the course?!?! That's infuriating. It is their lose but as an honest person, it really makes me wonder. I'll just keep running honestly, as will 99.9% of the population but I will always wonder about it.

Phil said...

I never know what people are thinking when they cut the courses. They are only cheating themselves.

Nice job on the 30K. You cut at least 3 minutes off your time from last year. I would have recommended that you took it a bit easier yesterday, but you still did very well.

Congrates on your son's playing time. Sounds like both of your sons are having fun.

Liam said...

Good run on the 30K. Ignore the cheats, they are only fooling themeselves, and it just gets us annoyed.

Congrats to the boys and their games. I watched the Patriots nearly blow away a good win last night. Maybe one day it will be your boys we watch :)

DawnB said...

Thank you all, busy day today. Had to make up for all the household things I missed doing this weekend. Just put away the groceries!!! I took a rest day today did't even cross trained. I'll be out in the dark of the morning, Tuesday