Monday, September 04, 2006

We had a visit from Ernesto

Ernesto visit was not very welcoming, he came with a roar and left with a lot more than he deserved. We had no electricity since Saturday at about 4:00 just got it back about an hour and a half ago. We managed pretty well through the chaos, but there is so much I'm thankful for. Little things that makes life livable.

Just wanted to take the time thank all for the great comments and I will be visiting and catching up with you all soon.

I did the Westporter 10 miler on Saturday. I was shooting for 1:29 instead I did 1:33. The weather was not the greatest. The start of Ernesto visit, but it was better than the humidity that usually comes with this race each year which is why I felt I should have at least gotten about a 1:30. The winds was in our face.

Today I did the New Haven 20K and of course I'm disappointed again. I think from now on I'm just going to run and stop trying to race. But can I really get back to just running like I did when I first started?. I'm going to try my best to get back to that stage.

September 4, 2006
20K(12.4miles) 1:52:00(?)
2005- 1:55:50
2004- 1:52:19
2003- 1:46:45

September 3, 2006
rested (no electricity)

September 2, 2006
10 miler (Westport 10 miler) 1:33:15

September 1, 2006
6.8 miles


Phil said...

Dawn ... happy to hear you survived the power outage. It makes my weather complaints seem petty.

We've got to talk about you doing back to back races. You run a 16k on Saturday and then turn around and run a 20k on Sunday? I don't know anyone who could do that and expect to run anywhere near peak performance. You are not giving your body eneough time to recover between events. I also don't think that you are giving your body any time to recover from the training regement before you race. Although I don't necessarily buy into the "one day of easy running for each mile raced" edict, I think you need more than 0 days between races of this magnitude in order to run as well as you expect.

One reason we race is to test our abilities. In order to make this work, you need to pamper yourself a bit. My best performances have followed a low mileage week with NO running the day before a race. The muscles don't forget how to run when the mileage is cut down from the mid 40s to the low 30s. They just have more time to heal and get ready to survive maximum effort a high tempo.

I'd really like to see you continue to race. The sport needs women like you and I think you enjoy competing. Let's go over your running schedule the week leading up to your next event and make a few modifications. If it doesn't work, continue your current approach. On the other hand, you may find yourself kicking some serious butt.

DawnB said...

Thank you Phil. The Norwalk half is on Saturday. I've been doing anywhere between 60-75 miles week. For the rest of this week I'm cutting back: 5 miles- tues, 7- Wed w/5 at about 8:50, Thurs 5miles and rest on Fri. How's that. We'll see what happens on Sat.