Sunday, September 10, 2006

Darien Road Race 10K

I did this race today a 1:00pm. Not a great time for a race but its for a good cause the American Cancer Society. The course is very hilly. Not my best 10k but I do feel better about it today. I wasn't all an out about this race because of the half I ran yesterday. Last year I missed this race because my son had a game. The previous two years I have ran this race after I'd done a 30K in the morning. I have to tell you it was not a pretty picture . At the start of the race there is a quarter mile hill you have to tackle, looking at the course map there is at least 3 or 4 hills that had to be tackle and coming in towards the end . At miles 2 another hill and mile 3-4 and again at 5.5 to 6. These are pretty good climbs. I stuck to it and did not give up on any of the hills. I must say it felt good to start passing people at around 4 mile mark usually I'm the the one being past. My Garmin did not do the automatic splits, and was not picking up the distance travel so I had to reset at every mile mark, which I did quite nicely. I do feel I could have pushed it more but I kept holding back.

September 10, 2006
10k Darien 55:26
2005- missed
2004-59:56 after 30k of 2:56
2003-1:00 after 30K of 2:47
2002-57:10 day after Norwalk half of 2:05


Feminist Runner said...

Wow, you race a lot. And do pretty well, I might add.

Phil said...

Hi Dawn .. A 55 minute 10K is nothing to be ashamed of, especially one that Starts with a hill climb. You aren't going to get to a PR on a course like this.

Spread your races out a bit and focus on what you want to accomplish. You are an extremely strong lady ... heck ... you are an extremely strong human being, no qualification is necessary and your PRs at every distance above 2 miles are in front of you.

Liam said...

Nothing to be sniffed at on a tough course, and all for a good cause.

DawnB said...

Renee, a we bit to much, I'm addicted,

Phil, I have to take it one step at a time..I did miss a few of them this year :)

Liam, thank you