Sunday, August 27, 2006

Race Filled Weekend

I was a part of this today and it felt great. NYC 1st half marathon. Having run in central Park before it would benefit the event to move the race out of Central Pack. That many people for the start of a race in Central Park is way too much. Once out of the park we had some breathing room. I did this race to be a part of history. I don't mind running in Central Park, in fact I love Central park. But when you have over 12,000 runners starting a race in an area so cramp, not good for anyone's PR. I lined up at about the nine min. Pace. That is as far as I could safely get to the starting line. The rest is history you waited till you saw a glimse of the mat then you start your timer. I did not believe there were thousands of people in front me and I did manage to pass some,but it made no difference, you can only poke yourself through so many people not that I'm a speed demon or anything coming close :) I fell at about mile 3.5, I did not feel a thing just got right up and started running again. When the rain started it felt good, one problem with this was the paint on the road became very slippery, I had to dodge areas such as cross walks . This is the largest race I've ever ran in. I just hope some of the faster runners got a chance to enjoy going done Time Square I was in awe. I've never quite seen NY from that angle believe me, when I stay amazing. I'm already looking forward to next year. I wouldn't be surprise if the rules don't change. Most likely it will go to a lottery just like the marathon. This race is a keeper. Who out there wouldn't want to run NY? Cheers to Nike, and Nyrr.
The two race I run every year in NY is the Circle of Friends 10K and the More Marathon. I'm so use to W57th st finding a garage, park and jog only a few blocks over to Central Park. I completely did not think about the fact that the race was ending some place other than Central Park. I'd thought about running back to Central Park and getting my long run in. I changed my mind shortly after the race and found myself on the subway for almost 2 hours because I kept getting of and on trains that was taking everywhere but where I need to be. Believe me when I tell you I did ask for help.

On Saturday I did the Westport 9.3 miler since nine was on my schedule and I said why not run with people. I told myself I would try my best to stick to my easy pace and of course I didn't. I didn't go out fully thank God. I average about 9:15 so some how I got that tempo I did not completely do on Thursday. I felt great after the race and I was glad about that because I was thinking about the NYC half on Sunday. I honestly don't believe if I had not run on Saturday that it would have made a difference on Sunday. I'm thankfully that I had two make that 3 good days of running because Friday I did a decent 7.02 miles.

August 27, 2006
13.1 miles NYC 1st half 2:12:39 net 2:08:22

August 26, 2006
9.3 race (Westport) 1:26

August 25, 2006
7.02 miles

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Feminist Runner said...

Wow, 2 races in a weekend! Your time was great.
It was a great race - and I had a lot of fun.
Well done, dawn!