Thursday, August 24, 2006

Need to rethink things

I don't think its wise to sneak a speed work in the day before a schedule tempo run. Since this is my first time really following a plan I'm learning. I was exhausted on my run again this morning. My total miles on the schedule was 8 and 6 should have been at a tempo of 9:05 pace. At least I accomplished 4 miles this week one more than last week before I reverted back to my easy pace. The culprit running 9 miles am and 7.41 pm which included 5X1000 the day before. I can't really change my tempo days to Friday because more than likely I'm doing a race on Saturday. Sunday is my long run day. There is nothing on my schedule that states I should include x amount of miles during my long run as tempo. So I'm just going to have to use my head and be sensible the next time around. Other than that the run went well. I did feel some humidity this morning and drank my whole bottle of water on the run, which never happens unless its my long run.

August 24, 2006
8.03 miles


Phil said...

Dawn ... happy to see you backing off a little from your crushing schedule. I think you'll feel better as a result.

Don't beat yourself up for "only" running a 4 mile tempo. A 6 mile tempo is a very long way (yes I know that I did one this morning). I think you are right that running a 5x1000m set followed by an up-tempo run is a bit much. I don't try to mix tempo and intervals into the same week. Instead, I do one or the other, usually on Thursday. Some folks do and it seems to work out OK.

There's nothing that says you have to run up-tempo during your long run, but if you're out running 15 to 20 miles you could always insert a couple of miles at your marathon pace somewhere in the middle. See how it goes for you. Move up to a faster tempo, get into your grove and motor along a little faster for 17 or 18 minutes, before you settle back down to your "I could run forever" pace.

Good luck tomorrow. I hope you get your energy back quickly.

Feminist Runner said...

Good luck tomorrow, Dawn! Enjoy yourself!